me not you!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

sobrun jameel.

why? why must me?
everyone seems happy...but me?
why you give me such this thing. I'm can't stand with this anymore..
one by one tear rolling down her chubby cheeks.
and suddenly that night also poured by tears of the sky like it knows everything waved in her chest.

don't you ever think that you had received the biggest test in this world,
look at others.. look at our siblings in Syria, in Egypt..
Are they look happy than you?
do you  know their feeling when they see their parents die in front of their own eyes?
you can't feel it.
because you are not in their shoes.
I'm really sure that we are incapable to face the situation. Allahu.

so, do you still want to make a thousands complaints?
or keeps with "why me" and "why me"?
if we want to compare who should sigh the most, I'm very sure that our Prophet pbuh is deserve to make millions of complaints rather than us, because he had faced a lot of difficulties, ruction whether physically or verbally more than us..
but because of his patience, his courageous, his determination
he kept stand to spread the Islam which we breath the air today.
If our Prophet always sighing, loose hope and stop the da'wa ,
maybe there is no 'bin' or 'binti' at last of our name.
we never hear a beautiful sounds calling us to pray.
and maybe we can't enter JANNAH.

so alhamdulillah, praise to Allah^_^

the reality, our life is always happy and wonderful, for whatever black or white condition that we face,
but we, ourselves..
as Allah tell in Al-Quran "قليلا ما تشكرون"-there're least who thanked to Him

all in all,
make du'a , istighfar and smile :)
because it is the best medicine and it's contagious!

blogging to remind myself