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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

course choosing tips for SPM leavers

peace be upon you!

macamane adek kakok yg amek SPM?
ok? x ok? btw, congrats and make praise to Allah for whatever result you'd got.
say Alhamdulillah, thank you ALLAH!
heyy.. wake uplaa.. this is not the end of the world !
ya that's true, SPM is your first step to choose ur carrier in future.
tp.. x semestinya laahh... ade je someone ni dye amek engineering, jadi bisnesman..
remember one thing!
sejak 1400 tahun sebelum kita dilahirkan everything has be written
jodoh, ajalmaut, and yes of course REZEKI semuanya dah ditetapkan..
percaya dengan janji Allah..
based my observation (act bukan aq observe pon),
manusia ni banyak terkejar2, beriyo2 cari apa yg dah ditetapkan Allah,
like rezeki,jodoh.. tp surga or neraka.. xdikejar2 sgt pon..( talk to myself too)
for my case,
one time I'm feel regret ( dush!) taking my course,
but, bile Allah dah ketuk dah hentak hati ni, dah sedau sikit,
i try to convince myself that Allah ade plan yg GEMPAK for my future.
i believe that!
as Allah said dalam buku novel cinta kita tuu,,
Tak semestinya apa yang kita suka, baik untuk kita
Tak semua yang kita benci tu, buruk bagi kita
and everything happen for a good reason, ade hikmahnye tuu..
lagi2 this is my umi's desire to see her daughter taking this course,
ade keberkatan di situ ye.. *mata bercahaya*
even though it's really takes 'an' effort..huu T.T
gambate kundasai aten >_<

for adeks SPM leavers,
smentara masa masih ade, choose the course carefully,
make research!
ask your counsellor teacher!
what are you interesting more,
but, but,
ape yg kite interested tu, are we also good at it?
tu pon kene consider gak, kadang kite minat, tapi kita low subject tu,,
xjalan jugak..
it must be parallel.. kite minat and kite good at it..
tapi kalau kite dah bertekad 110% nk strive kat course yg kite rase kite minat, n low sikit..
just pursue..tapi x digalakkanlah takut pressure kan. x pasal2 bertambah bilangan manusia kt tg rambutan tu.
eh. gurau2 je.ehee..
n for those who got 'warna terbang' result tu,,congratz..
selagi ade scholarship,,
apply jelaa segala2nya...
mara, jpa, ipg, bank negara...semua2 lah.. cari je..
kalau tak you will regret for the rest of your life... *guruh*
hahaha (vampire's laugh)
jangan risau laa course ko xde market,, sume,,
itu sume typical makcik2 minded..haha
what are you enjoy at it...just take it.
kan td dah cakap.. rezeki tu Allah da tetapkanla...
tapi after UPU's result announced, and x menepati citerasa hangpa,
don't be sad.. Allah ade perancangan terbaik untuk kite.
maybe course yg kite idam2kan tuu,,  xd peluang pekerjaan ke,
maybe u can't cope to study that course.. pk positif je (tembak diri)..
we plan, you plan, but Allah is da best planner!
so,, fikir fikirkanlah course mu ( rentak lagu en.mimpi)

klah, till then,
mahap salah silap yew!
hope u get some info!
peace be upon ya!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


don't you ever think you have time left!

gulpp . deep 

In da name of Allah

just now watching the Deen Show through youtube.
the speaker who is someone i'm admire so machh..

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

As im briefly know he is a muslim convert to Atheist  and turn back to the right track. Islam.
Im knowing him recently since im watching Aiman Aizlan and he sometime mention his name.
plus, there're few suggested vids which appear at left side which is his talk .
Im wondering maybe he's some of the superb people. so just take a look to his.

Yup, really inspiring so much..
his conversation simply attract youngster to hear  (include me)
with few jokes. but still can understand what he's about to point.

just now,
discussing about predestination (qada' and qadr).
If someone ask " Why should am I to blame, as everything is know by Allah?"
slap him.
they may say " why you slap me?"
"you cannot angry with me, this is what Allah willing to happen"
simple example and seems quite true.

I remember my classmate told about this matter in his presentation.
qada and qadr is simply like this:
the human life just like a group of letter
what's at the middle?  CHOICE!
 indeed, Allah give u a choice in your life.
You must decide it which is parallel to ur faith.

ustaz also said that
if you are about to make change of yourself
do it earnestly, do it as you are really dont want to repeat the sins
even if you do an endless mountain of evils deed, when you make taubah,
Allah do not only forgive your sins but Allah convert those billions sins too good deed!
sohanallah! Allah is most Merciful..
so "fabiayyiala irabbikuma tukazziban"?
in hereafter soon,
after you're going through hisab ect.ect.
and you are allowable to enter jannah,
and you're happily walking through it
suddenly a wall stuck your way.bangg!!
you ask why?
it is because you procrastinate you repent to Allah .
aigoo~ im just like....huaa~ afraid!!
Nauzubillah min zalik (*~~*)
may Allah give us His HUDA wan NUR..

ok. until this my sharing.
May Allah bless and
Peace be upon you!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

why so inspiring?? ~




the more i impress Your creation that's mean YOU r the most should I impress with.

Last Friday night 27 of February

My mother took me for a talk by someone which i dont exactly know who is he..
umi just said that he is a vlogger from Langit Ilahi. I just sudden thinking that, there are too many vlogger from Langit Ilahi.. maybe he is someone which i never or rarely exist in my youtube searching's box or my youtube newsfeed.
I'm just so-so to go there and not fixed my intends yet, only just to make my umi happy for accompanied her to the program
plus, to get some knowledge from his talk.

We went there without did our isya' praying yet.
As we wanted to fulfilled the obligation as a Muslim, we'd passed by a notice board which was full of ads and posters. My eyes caught a poster which the date is that day.
I'd read the programs details and my curiousness question had been answered 
the speaker was AIMAN AZLAN.
I thought maybe it going to be quiet interesting as I'd watched him video maybe once or twice.
Not as much as I watched MATLUTHFI's videos.

After praying, we went to Syura hall
He start talk.
Whoa! he was biology and psychology student from???
University of Toronto Canada!
As I noticed vloggers from Langit Ilahi, most of them are decline to godliness talk.
and I really adore someone who's study abroad talk about religious thing.

Yeah, he'd shot my head and my heart!
Also, trigger my minds.
He'd said 
Think before u act. Is Allah likes what u want to do? If yes or not the answer is,, is all about your faith to decide what suppose to happen next. 
You are given a situation: There's a shooter wants you to choose either ur mom or Rasulullah pbuh to be shoot. Which one you choose?
O, he really want to test how wider our love towards Prophet pbuh. And the answer exactly based on our faith too. He also said " For sure that situation might not even happen" just a comparison.

Habluminallah: vertical relationship
Habluminannas: horizontal relationship
          *habluminannas includes relationship towards other makhluk

Yes,you do good deeds to ur parents, u give drink to the cats, u water the plants everyday.
but if u not fulfill ur obligation to Allah also neglect Him. Vacant . NO meaning.

easy says as we learned addmath or mathmod about graph:

even if our horizontal axis  (x-axis) is higher and highest.
it stil not showing the increasing of ur graph n it keep constant on that axis.
thats why we absolutely need this vertical axis (habluminallah).
meaning, we need to balance between relationship to Allah and Makhluk.
so our graph will showing the perfect sketching!

actually, there are many things to be share.
but just this i can share with you.
Wanna more? 
Ask me. In shaa Allah I can share few more.
It's really-really superb talk and suit to our teens soul.
He's so inspiring.
How can I find the second Aiman Azlan? haha
silly question. 

pitcha time~

AimanAzlan with his zaujah, me , umi 

dun jelly :P

p/s: new hobby : stalking his blog n videos
hey, i'm looking at the content too ok! :P